Rowan Smith

With over tweleve year’s cycle retail experience and having managed many stores for a leading cycle retailer, Rowan has a wealth of bike knowledge. He and co- founder Mike, decided to open a store that concentrated on cyclists’ needs, one that gave a more personable service.

“We wanted to be able to spend time with customers and listen to their needs, take care to fit them correctly on the bike. Cycles aren’t cheap so I think customers appreciate good service. I also like to just chat, I often learn a lot from customers.”

As one of the stores Cytech Qualified Mechanics, If you have an issue with your cycle he is sure to have come across it before. A self-confessed bike geek, Rowan keeps up to date with current trends and new products and loves nothing more than to discuss these in store.

“Crucial to the shop is the Open Bar Workshop. Customers can see us working on the bikes and ask questions. We are able to show customers the issues with the bike there and then, which I find really helps. We even do a “build your own bike service” where one of the mechanics builds your bike with you – so the customer sees how the whole thing goes together and why certain parts have different torque settings and so on.”

Come in and chat to Rowan about any cycling issue, just don’t ask to borrow his tools.
“Ahh the staff know that I have to have all the tools in the right place. They know if the tool board is a mess they will be washing up for a week!”

Mike Wakefield

Over the past 8 years Mike has worked in small and large cycle stores throughout the South coast. He understands the frustrations that customers can have with both types of store.

“I found at the small store, customers were sometimes sold bikes that were in stock, not always the right bike for them. In the larger companies I spent a lot of my time doing admin and chasing orders to avoid delays for the customer. I never got time to go on the shop floor and actually talk about bikes! The reasons for starting our own store is to be able to give honest advice to the customer. Get the right bike for the customer in the price range they want.”

“I used to spend a lot of time in bike shops when I was growing up, and it is exciting to now be on the other side of the counter in our own place.”

Mike is interested in all types of cycling, previously riding BMX and now boasts several Road, MTB and single speed bikes.

“I like the simplicity of a single speed, the simple aesthetics. I like to make different bikes up from scratch, you can be more creative that way, you can get something unique.”

Most of Mikes bikes are black – is there any reason for this?

“No – it’s just that black bikes are best.”