Bianchi Bicycles

Edoardo Bianchi started a workshop at 7 Via Nirone, Milan in 1885 at 21 years old. This was the start of Bianchi Bicycles. At the time Penny Farthings were the fashion and Bianchi worked on many diverse projects including surgical instruments, electric doorbells and wheel hubs. He is credited with building the first bicycle to use Dunlop’s pneumatic tyres and the resulting cycle was a great success. He was summoned by Queen Margherita to Monza to teach her to cycle. He designed a cycle for the Queen and it became such a hit, many orders followed. In 1895 Bianchi was appointed by King Umberto as official supplier to the crown. The royal coat of arms is still proudly displayed as the head-badge of Bianchi cycles.
Bianchi has become one of cycling’s most iconic Brands. Many champions have ridden the famous Celeste coloured bike. Faustino Coppi, Marco Pantani, Gianni Bugno and Lauren Fignon have all ridden for Bianchi. The reparto Corse (Italian for racing Department) has always been an integral part to Bianchi’s winning designs. They were the first to really buy into the benefits of feedback from riders who are using their products. Its seems common place now but Bianchi were Progressive with this concept.
Much has been made of the company’s special colour- Celeste. It is distinctive and original and clearly stands out in a peloton. (This may have been the reason why they adopted this colour). However the most romantic reason for the colour is that when Edoardo visited Queen Margherita to teach her to ride he was so dazzled by eyes that he decided that would be the colour of his bicycles.