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Saracen bikes started in 1983 in Warwickshire. In 1984 Nick and Richard Crane ascended 19230 ft. to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro to set a new altitude record. They rode Saracen Conquest bikes.The bikes were  used for epic adventures across Peru and the Sahara desert. The Brand grew and became a leading manufacturer in the 1990’s  The dark days came in the mid to late 2000’s, Saracen bikes had become a budget brand, it was a brand sold in discount cycle stores. Innovation had been replaced by stagnation and the once great brand that sponsored Steve Peat and Rob Warner was looking dead and buried. The neatly brazed frames of the mountain bikes such as the Killi Flyer were replaced by clunky heavy frames and the brand had become a bit of a joke.


saracen team

However in 2009 Madison Distribution bought Saracen. A new era had begun. Out went the clunky designs and the spongy full suspension bikes. In came a new philosophy, build great bikes. Bikes for riding in British conditions. Saracen heaped money into research and development signing up a young team of under 21 riders. The Team became the number one ranked team in UCi standings. Saracen is now one of the best brands in the market. Making Mountain bikes, BMX, Jump bikes and now road and urban bikes. Saracen bikes have become a Great British success. Saracens blog