Trek Bicycles

_K9A2485_Red_barn_editOur premier brand is TREK bicycles. Formed in 1975 by Richard Burke and Bevel Hogg. They set up manufacture in a barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin USA. Starting out making lightweight steel road bike frames and developing in to full bike manufacture. As the industry has moved on Trek has always been at the pinnacle of design. Creating aluminium bikes and then Carbon Fibre frames. However, Trek still offers a steel-framed touring bicycle, the 520, which has been in production since 1983 and are as popular and practical now as they have ever been. Treks OCLV frame layup process is arguably the best in the world. OCLV stands for Optimised Compaction Low Void; meaning the carbon fibre is compressed with the epoxy resin to eliminate air bubbles. This leads to a stiffer, lighter carbon fibre that is unique to Trek Bicycles. Trek makes different grades of Carbon fibre for different applications. The lightest grade is 700 series carbon which is used on the lightest bikes. However sometimes durability is needed over lightness so 600 series is used on many of the off road and Domane models. Trek bikes are ridden by champions of many disciplines. Cycle cross, Downhill Mountain biking Road racing, you name it, Trek have always been at the top of the group. The research and development of the bike designs are directly influenced by the input from the riders Trek sponsor. Richard Burke’s son John Burke took over the company in 1998 and has lead the company to even greater heights. Introducing new innovations such as Project one , Trek Travel and the People for bikes organisation.  Here is quote from an interview in 2013 which sums up Treks development ethos. “The biggest benefit from racing, because we’re a really technical company, more so I think than anybody else, is the marriage of guys who push bikes to the absolute limit being able to communicate and develop products with people who really know how to push the limits on the design and engineering side”Treks story video