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Brief History

Via-NironeEdoardo Bianchi Started  a workshop at 7 Via Nirone, Milan in 1885 at 21 years old. This was the start of Bianchi Bicycles. At the time Penny Farthings  were the fashion and Bianchi worked on many diverse projects including surgical instruments, electric doorbells and wheel hubs. He is credited with building the first  bicycle to use Dunlop’s pneumatic tyres and the resulting cycle became a huge hit.

Bianchi was summoned by Queen Margherita to Monza to teach her to cycle . He designed a cycle for the Queen and many orders followed. In 1895 Bianchi was Appointed by King Umberto a official supplier to the royal coat of arms is still proudly displayed as the head-badge of Bianchi cycles.


Reparto Corse

Bianchi Bicycle History

Bianchi soon developed a racing department  “Reparto Corse” which he saw as essential to the development of his Bicycles. Over the years Bianchi has been ridden by many champions here is a run-down of a few:
Coppi-150x150Faustino Coppi

II Campionissimo – Champion of Champions.
Regarded by many as the Greatest Cyclist who ever lived. A great all rounder who was able to Climb and Time trial.
Honours 2 x Tour de France , 5 x Giro  World Champion 1953, 3 x Milan San Remo.


Pantani-150x150Marco Pantani

Il Pirata – The Pirate.
A Climbing Specialist who was a favourite with many fans. Often wore a bandanna – hence the nickname.
Honours Tour de France and Giro 1998


Cipollini-300x227Mario Cipollini

Lion King – due to his golden Maine.
A charismatic and fearless sprinter who was regarded as a sex symbol and womaniser. He did little to dispel these notions with comments such as, “If I weren’t a professional cyclist, I’d be a porn star”.
Honours Road World Champion Milan San Remo 42 stage wins in Giro.




Design First’s

As we know Bianchi was  The first manufacturer to use Dunlops  pneumatic tires.
We also have seen that  he created  the first women’s bike in 1895 as a special commission for Queen Margherita.
However he is also credited with inventing this folding mountain bike in 1915, it was made for the  Bersaglieri  the Italian  high-mobility light infantry unit  during World War I. It is also the  first  bike to have a rudimental suspension system.
These values and innovations are still alive today  with Bianchi innovative designs and technical achievements, have a look at their  CounterVail Vibration Cancelling Composite Technology here




What is the story behind Bianchis famous Celeste colour?

  1. It was the colour of Queen Margharitas eyes.
  2. It was a lucky accident when painting Faustino Coppi’s bicycle.
  3. It was the colour that was made out of left over paint after the fall of Missolini.
  4. It is the colour of the Milan sky.
  5. Its a good colour that stands out in the peleton.

There are many myths and romantic stories as to why Bianchi use the turquoise – green/blue colour

If you scour the internet you will find many articles proposing they have the answer .

Here is the best article I have found.

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