Handsome Bicycles / Hastings

Bike Fit

We offer two types of bike fitting service

Bike Fit

Standard Bike Fitting £80

Our standard Bike fit offers a little more than a Basic bike sizing. We size your feet, align cleats and stabilize your foot to create an efficient stable base on which to ride. Next we measure your sit-bones and advise on the best saddle for comfort and posture. Then we adjust the height and reach of the saddle and handlebars to create the most efficient and comfortable riding position. A standard bike fit comes FREE with every road bike purchased at Handsome Bicycles.

Trek Precision Fit £140

For a professional fit our Precision Fit Technician starts with a full body assessment including reach, flexibility, alignment, posture and stability.  From this we are able to create a more dynamic and powerful riding position that will increase your power output. Consultations take between two and three hours and need to be booked in advance.

Trek Precision bike fit